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Bishop Pernell will be the guest speaker at the 72nd Homecoming Service of Refuge Temple Assembly of Yahweh in Richmond, Virginia for the 11 am Sunday Service. Join us as we celebrate the legacy of Bishop John W. Pernell and hear a mighty word from the Ruach!
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Dr. Apostle Chris T. Pernell - "A Peculiar People"
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Halleluyah! Bishop Pernell was introduced and spotlighted on TBN's Praise the Lord broadcast with host Pastor Phil Munsey and special guests, Pastors Joel and Victoria Osteen. Also, the Bet HaShem YHWH congregation was in attendance as we worshipped Christ together!

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Be affirmed and inspired! Check out Dr. Chris's Letters to My People. Purchase your copy today and be the you that the world needs!

Once again, the Yahwistics have been named the grand prize winner of the 2013 Youth In Unity "Perfected Praise" Dance Competition! Click here to watch.