About Us

Bet HaSHEM YHWH is where faith grows, excellence prevails and truth is exalted—where the divine name of YHWH is uplifted, and the rhema name of Christ Yahshua is praised. Bet HaSHEM YHWH Worldwide Ministries is a movement advancing the kingdom through love, leadership, standard, and the arts.

We are a Christian house that is rooted firmly in the scriptures, sound teaching, gifts of the Holy Spirit, and revelation knowledge. A House where souls are changed, families are saved, and communities are made whole.

Our vision is to win the lost, heal the broken, impart a spirit of greatness, and above all propagate the Word. Through Christ Yahshua we serve the globe—all nations, all colors, all people.

The uniqueness of our ministry is captured in the diversity of faces, talents and callings, and belief in the power of the name YHWH, and the redemptive work of His Son, Christ Yahshua.

We are Bet HaSHEM YHWH, House of the Name YHWH, and we choose not to uphold the traditions of men, but we adhere to the integrity of the Word and call on the Heavenly Father as He revealed Himself, YHWH Elohim, and the only begotten Son by the name which was prophesied, Yahoshua—our risen King and Savior.

Committed to fellowship, we are a gathering of saints yet perfected, but steadfast in the expectation of daily becoming like Christ. Come and experience His abundance, His promise, and find the meaning of purpose.

Shalom & Agape!

About Us