Artist In Residence

Steve Green...
the artist, the man, the minister.

Born in East Orange, New Jersey and raised in Scotch Plains, Steve was introduced to art at an early age. His older brother Patrick, who was gifted in drawing and painting, was influenced by the graffiti scene of the eighties and took his younger brother under his wing.

By the time he was fourteen years old, Steve envisioned art as his lifelong profession. He began painting and airbrushing shirts and jackets for friends, and discovered that his skills could prove lucrative. He grew as an artist and later attended the Art Institute of Philadelphia earning a degree in Advertising and Graphic Design. After graduation he worked at an Ad Agency on Madison Avenue in New York City, and later launched a career as a freelance artist.

Jobs were often few and far in between but his love for painting grew. Then in 1997 he found his ultimate calling and was ordained a leader in the fivefold ministry under Bet HaShem YHWH WorldWide Ministries, Inc. This turning point in life made him determined to use his artistic talents to spread the message of the gospel.

Armed with faith and inspiration, Steve's talents were integral to the branding of the ministry. His visions donned the walls of the ministry, and the homes of its members. His cadre of skills included graphic design, illustration and the fine arts. All who beheld his work knew he was a man of singular talent and purpose.

Soon, he traveled to South Africa on several missions to build up the newly planted Roodepoort and Cape Town assemblies, and created unique pieces there as well.

Back stateside Green continued to work out of his studio, the Blackbird Artist and Design studio in Newark, New Jersey where he resides, creating fine and commercial art for both private and public collectors. His work has appeared in a range of galleries and showings, including the Barat Foundation, New Jersey School of Architecture, the Coffee Cave, and City Without Walls. Due to his artistic excellence and passion for urban renewal, he has been commissioned to execute large scale murals throughout Greater Essex County, including the B.R.I.C.K. Avon Academy and Firehouse Mural Commission in Newark. Not only does he see art as a way to revitalize the soul, but also a way to re-imagine our communal living space, and stimulate creativity and pride within all citizens.

"I believe in the process, which is art. My work is a collage of spirituality and pop culture, and the bridge between the two. Through the images divinely inspired and created, my hope is to provoke thought and conversation about the world we live in. Art is a ministry, and has the power to heal and change our world." – Steve Green

"Show me a stingy artist, and I'll show you a miserable and unsuccessful soul."

Contact Steve Green:
Telephone: 973-280-2399
Email: [email protected]
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